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How Or Not to be - "Productive"

PRODUCTIVITY Don’t make it a form of self sabotage                                      - Sanika Deshmukh XthB Being productive is something which many desire to have as a quality. Currently, “productivity” is used as a way of gaining attention and proving one’s own self-worth. Hundreds of people are making videos on the internet mostly with titles like - “How to be productive” “Why are you NOT productive” “Get Productive and Stop wasting Time” Well, I will be honest. Some videos DO really help by giving many tips that a person my find applicable in their own life. Many people do learn a lot from these videos and so did I!  But there is one problem that these internet “gurus” do not tell the viewers. Productivity does not mean that you HAVE to be doing SOMETHING every other moment and humanely, we all know how stressful that would be. They always recommend you to make to-do lists or schedule your whole day and work accordingly.  There is nothing wrong with to-do lists or scheduling eve

Some ideas on Astrophotography with a Mobile

Astrophotography is photographing objects in the night sky such as the moon, the planets, constellations etc. These objects are pretty dim, except for the moon. This presents certain challenges and therein lies the fun. Advanced amateurs often use digital cameras with manual settings to overcome these challenges. Here I am going to talk about beginners who have only a decent mobile camera to work with. I assume a minimum of 32 megapixel camera with an app allowing for manual settings for exposure, ISO, etc. And yes, this piece is for the completely uninitiated, hence the simple language. The challenges with a mobile camera Objects being dim means that they give very little light compared to daylight. Although our eyes can see them (because by some accounts, our eyes are a few hundred Gigapixel cameras) the camera sensors cannot. This often results in the object being invisible in the photograph. Objects being small makes it difficult for the sensors to pick up the light. Camera senso

How to study better

This is a brief guide for teachers planning Study skills workshops and parents who may want to help their children study better. We need to use the following resources to begin with. So please try to read carefully through them. Also, there are certain tests which are appropriate only for certain ages and which tell us where the child stands. These tests are only an indication and the child’s preferences or attitudes will change somewhat over time. SO they are not to be taken as final. You should test the child in this and use the scores to guide the child. Please note that teaching kids to learn is a highly specialized field and not the same as teaching them a subject. However, with effort every teacher can attempt to better the child’s life. Methodology Will add soon Resources What is Effective Learning? (My Presentation) The case for learning to learn for Life What is Effective Learning? Knowing Yourself What is VARK and why should teachers, parents and students know this? What are

The Art of Art

  -Sahitya Vishwakarma(Std X, Abhinav Vidyalay) Art is a product of the creativity of an artist which involves good imagination. Artwork is the work of an artist that expresses the artist’s skill and thoughts. It is appreciated for its beauty and inner meaning. There are seven elements of art namely:-  Color Form Line Shape Space Texture Value Who is an artist? Artist is a person who joins with activities that are related to art. Artists create art which then is used to communicate between the viewer and the artist. Artists are important in our society because they make us imagine, feel, and make us think more about ideologies that are yet to be explored and accepted by society. Types Of Artworks There are many art types such as sketching, figure drawing, digital art, glow art, Spiral art, 3d art. Now I will tell you about these art types. Sketch:- The sketch is a rough freehand drawing that is made by an artist that he/she imagines or sees, this type of art can be made rapidly, and so


  -Durva Waykole (std. X Abhinav Vidyalay) The beginning of the digital era has opened up a lot of opportunities nowadays. We can do mobile banking, online shopping, booking a hotel room, ordering some dinner, booking a cab, reading news, and books everything in just one click, but it has been rightly said that everything has a price, and the more you connect to digital assets the more is the chance of high risk towards your confidential and sensitive data. Now the question arises how the companies are securing this data and how they are protecting the data from this cyberattack? The answer is cyber security. What is Cybersecurity? Cyber security is the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect systems, networks, and programs from unauthorized access which means from small or big cyberattacks or cyber threats, therefore, protecting the organization and individuals. There are various types of cyber-attacks that you can fall prey to, such as Phishing attacks , Ma


  By Toral Parasiya [Xth Abhinav Vidyalay] Pc- Brian Koberlein What is Astronomy? It is a study of the matter outside our Earth’s surface and atmosphere such as planets, stars, comets, galaxies, black holes, etc. It is one of the oldest branches of sciences. It tries to find the answer to our existence in this universe.It is based on proven theories and not on any beliefs or assumptions. Importance of Astronomy It is used to measure the time, navigate the oceans and mark the seasons. Inventions in astronomy have made possible mobile technology, internet, weather systems, etc possible. To answer the big questions like “How was the universe created?”, “Where do we come from?”, etc. To know about the celestial dangers which can destroy humanity on Earth. Why I like Astronomy I still remember I was in 3rd std when we had our first chapter related to astronomy in science textbook which was ‘Our Solar System’, I already loved science as a subject so before the teacher started teaching the t