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                                                                                                    -Karthik Thiyagarajan, IXth Abhinav Vidyalay Lately, I’ve been listening to Soprano pieces of music. The soprano is the highest vocal range in classical music. The vocal range of a soprano is about 261-1046 Hz. It is derived from the Italian word ‘Sopra’ which means ‘above’.  Of all the Soprano music my most favorite one is Lascia ch’io pianga. Lascia ch’io pianga is an Italian soprano aria composed by George Frideric Handel .  Now, what is an aria? Aria is a solo in opera which can be performed with or without orchestral accompaniment. Lascia ch’io pianga is one of the most famous arias composed by George Friedric Handel. It made its appearance in 1705 in act 3 of Handel's opera Almira . Later in 1711 Handel used the music but changed the lyrics of the aria for his London opera Rinaldo which is now known as ‘Lascia ch’io pianga’. OUTLINE : Goffredo , the leader of the Christian cam

7 Mind-Blowing Inventions!

  - Hemal Dedhia and Neel Patil (IX, Abhinav Vidyalay) Are you curious and excited to know about some amazing recent inventions that really catch the eye? Read the below article to unveil it all yourself!   Floating Desk Lamp The first invention on the list is the floating desk lamp , which floats above the surface and still, keeps glowing. Now let’s talk about how it works. There is a wireless power transmitter inside the base on which the bulb floats, and a power receiver is placed in the bulb, so this is how it gets power. Now the point is that how it floats, it floats because of magnetic force which is produced by a magnet in the wood base. You can buy it from here .          Image credits- Flyte 2. Edible Water The next invention on the list is Edible water. Nowadays, the use of plastic bottles has increased too much which causes an increase in the level of pollution . But you all would have been scratching your heads to find its solution. The invention shown in the ima

What Is Crypto - Currency?

Riddhi Gala (Xth STD, Abhinav Vidyalay) What Is Crypto-currency ? A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is protected by encryption (plain text converted into unreadable text), making fraud and double-spending almost impossible. Many cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to create distributed networks. This means that all your money is in different places and no one can trace it. Terrorists and criminals benefit from the possibility to keep crypto-currency without revealing their actual identities. People can also misuse it to store illegal money. Cryptocurrencies are online payment systems that are based on virtual "tokens" that are represented by records on the system's internal database. Various encryption methods that are converting a particular piece of information in a secret code to hide the meaning of information and cryptographic approaches public-private key pairs (it is for receiving crypto-currencies which are linked to a private key ), an


       - Gargi R Sawant (Std X, Abhinav Vidyalay) Sudha Murty, a famous writer of novels, short stories and travelogues, is a prolific writer who writes in English and Kannada. She has written many best-sellers for children. Born in Shiggaon in North Karnataka, she became an engineer and later taught in an engineering college. She is an MTech in Computer Science and the co-founder of Infosys, India’s thriving tech company. She has won many awards like the Padma Shree, the RK Narayan award for Literature and so on. I got to know this information when I started reading her books. I was in 5th grade when my mother brought me a book written by Sudha Murty named, 'GRANDMA'S BAGS OF STORIES' . When I read this book, I was totally fascinated and amazed by the stories, the storyline and also the way it was written. The simplicity in the language captivated me. In  the beginning of the book,  ajji-( grandma in marathi) is eagerly waiting for her grandchildren to arrive for th

Temples of Kerala

Archana Nair, Std X, Abhinav Vidyalay      I would like to tell you about my trip to Kerala. Kerala is located in southwestern end of the Indian Sub-continent. It is famous for its abundance in production of Tea & Rice. But let me tell you, it is also famous for its temples. I visited some temples in Kerala with my parents and grandparents.    First Temple we visited was Kottarakkara Shri Maha Ganapathy Temple, shortly called Kottarakara Temple. The deities of this temple are Lord Shiva, Goddesses Parvathy, Lord Ganesh, Lord Murugan, Lord Ayyapa and Nagaraja. All deities except Goddesses Parvathy and Lord Ganesh are kept facing towards the East, as in that temple main Gods and Goddesses face to east. Not only the name of the temple is Kottarakkara Ganapathy but also, the main importance is given to Parents God Shiva and Goddess Parvathy, the main offering of this temple is Unniyappam - a sweet round fritter mainly made up of banana, rice flour and jaggery. The main festival is

Jumpstarting the School Magazine

     Abhinav is now in it's 37th year of existence and we have so many stories to share. There have been so many wonderful people who became a part of the Abhinav family in all these years. There have been so many wonderful experiences that we have all had. Somehow I wasn't able to document these neatly enough.       I had attempted to begin this work 12 years ago with the Silver Jubilee of Abhinav. It, however, remained a one-time affair. Facebook posts and my randomly updated blogs could never do justice to the vast memories I have, or the wealth of stories that many would like to share. So here is another start. And this time we are here to stay. What's Different?      We began as a state board school and about 10 years ago, we changed to ICSE. This has given me some flexibility in arranging the curriculum. Socially Useful Productive Work is at the heart of the Gandhian philosophy of education as also the central principle of Abhinav's founder and my mother - Mrs. Ma