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Adventure Sports - A culmination of the Sports Meet

Hello Dear Students & Parents!!! Last three weeks have been very busy, beginning with the Abhinav Stars and running into the camp and the sports meet. The last activity for the year (only National Science Day scheduled in Feb if the exam timetables permit) is coming to a close. We have been holding the  adventure sports each year for the last 25 years , with the last 15 years being done with professional help. Each student who has passed out of this school from std X or XII has (at least twice) did the variety of activities. The purpose of these events is simply -  Make one extremely confident .  Fear pulls you back from many things in life and the greatest fear is to hurt yourself or die. These activities make you realize that with a little science and technique one can achieve the impossible. Every one must do this at least once in their lifetime. We even encourage each of our teachers to do it. In fact even 50+ teachers have tried it for the first time in their lives at Abhinav.