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XI IT Programming Tasks

Hello again! Its time to get the hang of writing meaningful programs. Try the following: Simple Calculator: Write a program in VB to mimick a simple business calculator, which has buttons for basic mathematical tasks (+, -, *, / and Square-root) and a text box to allow the user to input the numbers which need to be operated upon and the result thereof. A Basic Paint Tool: Write a program which allows the user to do the basic paint & draw operations on the form. (Each operation will be run/selected by clicking on the corresponding button) Choose radius using a scrollbar and hence draw a circle (using Circle command) at the point where user clicks the mouse Draw a square of fixed size (using Line command) from the point where the user clicks the mouse Draw an arbitrary shape using the mouse as a pen. A crypting engine: Write a program which takes an input text from the user and then encodes it in the following way (Caeser code): A-01, B-02, C-03, D-04 ... Z-26; so ABHINAV will loo