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Expression Calculator in Java

Std X CA students: Here is another assignment to be finished before Thursday 24th Apr, 2014, 8 am. Reverse engineer the application I have posted at the FB group - Expression Caculator . i.e. 1. download the file and save in the root of c-drive 2. run it in command prompt using "java -jar c:\exprcalc.jar" 3. enter various expressions to compute like 2 + 3 = (then enter) 4. once you type '=' and a white space and enter, it displays the result. 5. You can take a long expression like 7.5562 / 7.889 + 5 - 12.67 = (then enter) 6. You can type another expression after the result for the previous is shown. 7. It also handles errors well. Figure out the code and paste your answers here as a comment. Hint: It uses a blank for loop ... i.e. for (;;) { here goes the code }to repeat taking many numbers one after the other.