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Branching & Simple Looping assignment for VB.Net

Std XI Sc. students, Write programs using IF ... THEN ... ELSE and GOTO only (i.e. without SELECT CASE or FOR...NEXT) Prof. Anand is a greaaaat mathematician who is always in search for a particular kind of numbers. So he asks random people on the street to give a number and if they give one which does not satisfy the rules below, he chews their head off (NOT LITERALLY, but by giving a LOOOONG derivation as to how they are wrong). Now the professor has asked you to write a program for him, to save his time. (which he can use more productively to chew people's heads off) His rules are as follows: The number should be odd The number should be divisible by 7 The number should be at least 3 digits long   The servo controller program (one that controls the movement) for the GMRT telescopes has the logic given below. Write a code which will take the required inputs, take the required decision and message the decided action. Take the coordinates - Altitude and Azimuth - from the user, in