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How Or Not to be - "Productive"

PRODUCTIVITY Don’t make it a form of self sabotage                                      - Sanika Deshmukh XthB Being productive is something which many desire to have as a quality. Currently, “productivity” is used as a way of gaining attention and proving one’s own self-worth. Hundreds of people are making videos on the internet mostly with titles like - “How to be productive” “Why are you NOT productive” “Get Productive and Stop wasting Time” Well, I will be honest. Some videos DO really help by giving many tips that a person my find applicable in their own life. Many people do learn a lot from these videos and so did I!  But there is one problem that these internet “gurus” do not tell the viewers. Productivity does not mean that you HAVE to be doing SOMETHING every other moment and humanely, we all know how stressful that would be. They always recommend you to make to-do lists or schedule your whole day and work accordingly.  There is nothing wrong with to-do lists or scheduling eve

Annual Day 2023

 After a long hiatus due to covid we finally got most activities on track. The Annual Day function is always a big deal for everyone at Abhinav. It has been a tradition my mother started that the Annual Day will be not a Teacher-managed event, but a Student Initiative. Since when I was a teenager, I was part of this and today 10 years after she passed, I still strive to make it work as she would have. After some hesitation, we began working in early January. I wanted to use an outside choreographer just so that teachers will not be burdened. (They are already struggling with post-covid learning difficulties) But then, an outside guy could never do justice to the Abhinav style of doing things. We always keep in mind that the cultural program should be enjoyable to everyone in the audience and at the same time should display as many of the diverse talents that our students have, as possible.  It was a great relief that my G3 students came to the rescue. Almost all of std 9 and many of st