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XI IT Programming Tasks

Hello again!
Its time to get the hang of writing meaningful programs. Try the following:
  1. Simple Calculator: Write a program in VB to mimick a simple business calculator, which has buttons for basic mathematical tasks (+, -, *, / and Square-root) and a text box to allow the user to input the numbers which need to be operated upon and the result thereof.
  2. A Basic Paint Tool: Write a program which allows the user to do the basic paint & draw operations on the form. (Each operation will be run/selected by clicking on the corresponding button)
    • Choose radius using a scrollbar and hence draw a circle (using Circle command) at the point where user clicks the mouse
    • Draw a square of fixed size (using Line command) from the point where the user clicks the mouse
    • Draw an arbitrary shape using the mouse as a pen.
  3. A crypting engine: Write a program which takes an input text from the user and then encodes it in the following way (Caeser code): A-01, B-02, C-03, D-04 ... Z-26; so ABHINAV will look like 01020809130122
  4. A Bouncing Ball: Write a program to simulate a ball bouncing as if it is confined to the boundaries of the form, i.e. when it reaches the edges of the form it reflects according to the laws of momentum conservation (i.e. angle of incidence = angle of reflection). To make the ball move, you may draw a filled circle and redraw it with background color OR you may use a image of a sphere as a ball and move it using the 'top' and 'left' properties. To judge if the ball has reached the edge you should know the pixel boundaries of your form, i.e. if it is 1000 x 1000 or 3000 x 500, etc. (for this use the width property of the form object)
  5. Generate Pascal's Triangle: Write a program to generate Pascal's triangle on the form. It is the arrangement of coefficients of a binomial expansion. (see the description and second diagram on wikipedia at You may limit the rows of the triangle to be up to 6.
  6. Addition of Matrices: Write a program which will add two 3 x 3 matrices whose elements should be taken as inputs in 2 sets of 9 text boxes. (each set arranged like a matrix) Can you upgrade this program (ignore the form) to deal with a larger matrix?


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