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7 Mind-Blowing Inventions!

 - Hemal Dedhia and Neel Patil
(IX, Abhinav Vidyalay)

Are you curious and excited to know about some amazing recent inventions that really catch the eye? Read the below article to unveil it all yourself!

  1.  Floating Desk Lamp

The first invention on the list is the floating desk lamp, which floats above the surface and still, keeps glowing. Now let’s talk about how it works. There is a wireless power transmitter inside the base on which the bulb floats, and a power receiver is placed in the bulb, so this is how it gets power. Now the point is that how it floats, it floats because of magnetic force which is produced by a magnet in the wood base. You can buy it from here.

        Image credits- Flyte

2. Edible Water

The next invention on the list is Edible water. Nowadays, the use of plastic bottles has increased too much which causes an increase in the level of pollution. But you all would have been scratching your heads to find its solution. The invention shown in the image is a water ball known as Ooho, an edible ball of water, that bursts out water when we bite it! This is an amazing solution to reduce pollution to some extent.                                                            Image credits- Wikimedia

Would you believe me if I say that you can stop dogs from barking unnecessarily just using a simple gadget? You probably must have heard them barking while you are having important meetings or lectures. Here’s a solution to it. Barxbuddy is a type of remote control that can help you to silence dogs. You must be thinking about how it works. It releases ultrasonic sounds which dogs can hear but humans cannot. These sounds are very irritating for them which causes them to stop barking. You can buy it from here.

 Image credits- Wikimedia

4. Transparent TV

What would come to your mind when I say Transparent Tv? You would think of tv from a sci-fi film. But would you believe me that these kinds of TVs are now possible? Xiaomi and some other TV brands have made transparent displays in which the pixels are made transparent or fused with a transparent material. Although they are not completely transparent, they are still very futuristic. Mi TV LUX and LG Transparent OLED are examples of such TV. This is definitely next-gen!


                                                                                    Image credits - Pinterest  

5. Rollable Smartphones

Recently, Oppo launched a new smartphone
Oppo X 2021, which has a rollable display! This phone has a rollable display that can change its screen size by unrolling/rolling its display. Actually, in such kinds of phones, there are two individual motors which help in rolling and unrolling the display. It can be converted to a tablet and a smartphone. This is an example of revolutionary tech. Working of a rollable phone.

Image credits - Rollable phones

6. Phantom Chess Board

For all chess lovers, this is an excellent example of the integration of technology with sports. This is the most advanced chess board available which has an electronic system with which you can play chess with anyone in the world even if they are away from you! This board also allows users to play using voice commands with the computer or their friends.

It consists of an AI using a neural network similar tothe human brain which can play any difficulty level with you. It also has a tracking system, which recommends you to improve your moves.
Learn more about how it works.

  Image credits - 1st Image, 2nd Image.

7. Transparent Solar Cell

I am sure that you must have heard about the replacement of
non-renewable energy sources with renewable sources like solar, tidal, etc. But how's it possible to create a transparent solar cell? Researchers at MIT have accomplished this achievement. These cells absorb only infrared and ultraviolet light rays.

The coatings of solar cells are deposited on various transparent materials which utilize the invisible solar spectrum to produce electricity. These cells can be used as windows or glass panels in buildings and skyscrapers which can provide enough electricity needs of the building. 

Image credits - Pinterest, Pinterest

If you know more of such amazing inventions, then please let us know in the comments! Also if you have any doubt regarding the article, feel free to ask in the comments.

Thank you For Reading!


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