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Jumpstarting the School Magazine

     Abhinav is now in it's 37th year of existence and we have so many stories to share. There have been so many wonderful people who became a part of the Abhinav family in all these years. There have been so many wonderful experiences that we have all had. Somehow I wasn't able to document these neatly enough.       I had attempted to begin this work 12 years ago with the Silver Jubilee of Abhinav. It, however, remained a one-time affair. Facebook posts and my randomly updated blogs could never do justice to the vast memories I have, or the wealth of stories that many would like to share. So here is another start. And this time we are here to stay. What's Different?      We began as a state board school and about 10 years ago, we changed to ICSE. This has given me some flexibility in arranging the curriculum. Socially Useful Productive Work is at the heart of the Gandhian philosophy of education as also the central principle of Abhinav's founder and my mother - Mrs. Ma