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The Art of Art

 -Sahitya Vishwakarma(Std X, Abhinav Vidyalay)

Art is a product of the creativity of an artist which involves good imagination. Artwork is the work of an artist that expresses the artist’s skill and thoughts. It is appreciated for its beauty and inner meaning.

There are seven elements of art namely:- 

Who is an artist?

Artist is a person who joins with activities that are related to art. Artists create art which then is used to communicate between the viewer and the artist. Artists are important in our society because they make us imagine, feel, and make us think more about ideologies that are yet to be explored and accepted by society.

Types Of Artworks

There are many art types such as sketching, figure drawing, digital art, glow art, Spiral art, 3d art. Now I will tell you about these art types.

  1. Sketch:-

The sketch is a rough freehand drawing that is made by an artist that he/she imagines or sees, this type of art can be made rapidly, and sometimes it may take time. A sketch can be done on the blank sheet with a charcoal pencil, normal pencil, pen, marker, and eraser but no paint is involved in the process of sketching.

  1. Figure Drawing

Figure drawing is a drawing of the human figure by using any posture or form to make a perfect body. It is also a type of sketch. Material that we use in a sketch can also be used in figure drawing. You can also use these steps to make animal figures or anything you want. You can see the picture given above to understand the figure drawing better.

  1. Glow Art

Glow art is art in which the drawing shines like something extremely heated as you see in the picture. You may be wondering how all these drawings are glowing or how it’s happening.

So here, I am going to tell you about how this can happen:-

  1.  First, download the app Autodesk sketchbook or any other application you may know because the glow effect is done digitally.

  2. After completing the drawing, outline it with a black marker/pen, when the overlapping is finished click the photo of your drawing.

  3. Now open the app you have downloaded, check the app thoroughly you can see there are many types of brushes. Try brushes on a blank page in that app, after practising you know how the different types of brushes work.

  4.  After checking the brushes now you are ready to add glow to your drawing. 

  5. Then what are you waiting for, start the glow effect on the drawing you have made.

You can also refer to this video for a better understanding.

  1. Digital Art:-

Digital art is an artistic work that is done by digital technology. This art type has had several names since the 1960s like multimedia art or computer art. Digital art is anything of visual art that is made by artists with the help of computers. Nowadays, we also have portable options like tablets and styluses which help to create digital artwork. These are some examples of digital art.

  1. Spiral art:- 

Spiral art is exactly like a record, and a genius idea. This drawing starts from the point of the middle of the spiral and stops at a point while rotating in a circular motion. This drawing is created by dividing the drawing into spiral layers and if you zoom the above image, the spiral lines differ in-depth to create light and shade and this creates an image that you were trying to make.  You can refer to the above examples.

  1. 3D drawing:-


3d Drawing looks like an optical illusion. It is because of the drawing and shadow effect we put in the drawing and the method of clicking photos from a specific angle. This technique of drawing makes it realistic, as you can see in the above images. It can appear difficult to you but it is easier than it appears.

Thank You For Reading!

Edited by - Hemal D. and Advika C.


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