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Why Everyone is Talking About 5G?


 Why Everyone is Talking About 5G?

~Adhish Nambiar, Xth, Abhinav Vidyalay

Nowadays everyone is very curious as well as excited about the 5G network in India, as it is yet to launch. In this article, you will get to know everything about the 5G network.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation (5th generation) of the network after 4G. 5G not only helps to connect us to the internet, but it will also help to virtually connect many other things, like machines. 5G will offer up to 100 times faster and smoother connectivity than the previous generations’ networks. It will have faster connectivity, ultra-low


latency, and a very large amount of bandwidth. This technology can open the gateway to all the futuristic things that we used to think about, like controlling vehicles remotely, cloud gaming on mobiles, etc.

How is 5G unique?

Now everyone is thinking about how 5G is unique or different from all the previous generation networks. 4G provides high data speed, but it has a higher latency than 5G, which makes the download speed very slow and will have many interruptions and will lag  Whereas, in 5G, there will be lag-free or interruption-free browsing. It has a speed faster than 4G, providing speeds up to 1.9Gbps, i.e., it can transfer data up to 1.9 Gb in a second. In simple terms, it can download a movie in 1-2 seconds very smoothly without any interruption.

The second unique thing is, 4G has a limit for connectivity, so if it reaches that limit, someone’s connectivity speed will decrease to make the other’s speed faster, whereas in 5G there is a very large space for connectivity, which will help to achieve very high-speed internet for everyone.

1G - Introduced the technology to communicate by voice with other mobile devices.

2G - Added the messaging services

3G - Introduced the internet services

4G - The speed of the internet was much higher than 3G networks


Advantages of 5G

As you know that each generation of the network is way better than the previous ones likewise, here 5G has a lot of advantages than 4g, few of them are;

  1. Super High Speed:- 5G will provide super high speed as it uses very high-frequency waves also known as millimeter waves.


  2. Ultra-low latency:- As discussed earlier 5G will provide very little latency. In Simple words, the data to be transferred or downloaded will be without any interruption or lag.

  3. Best connectivity:- As I told you earlier that 4G has a very limited amount of connectivity, but in the case of 5G you can get up to 10 times better internet speed if you are in any crowded place like in a football stadium.

  4. Higher Bandwidths:- If you have a higher bandwidth network it means you can achieve a higher data transfer rate which leads to shorter download times and this can significantly help when downloading large files.

  5. Remote Controlling:- Using 5G we will be able to control things like heavy industrial machinery and tools, it will also be able to help in the medical field which will unlock the potential to make the riskiest surgeries possible with a higher chance of survival or, in a medical emergency a doctor can remotely treat the patients.

  6. Cloud computing/Gaming:- Cloud computing/Gaming means accessing a PC or some data in it without actually installing the data of that particular PC or, Playing some games without actually downloading them. All of these things can be done by using the 5G network.

Disadvantages of 5G

There is no need to tell you that each and everything has its advantages and disadvantages so some of them are-

  1. Coverage of network:- 5g uses high-frequency waves and higher the frequency shorter the waves. They are also easily absorbed. Assume if you are standing beside a 5G tower, you will get up to 1 to 1.9Gbps of speed but if you start to move away from the tower and if there are buildings in between then your speed can go down up to 200Mbps. This is a problem that can be prevented.
  1. Lower Upload speeds:- As I told you earlier that using 5G you can download a whole movie in 1-2 seconds but the upload speed is low as compared to the download speed but then too it offers some greater speed than the 4G. The wish of some people to upload a 4k video in moments is still not possible.

  2. Build cost:- The cost of the infrastructure, technology, and the build used in the making of the final cell tower will be high currently, as it is new and it is maintained as per the conditions like, to provide high-speed internet.

  3. Device issues:- It was noticed by some of the testers of the 5G network that after the usage of the network the device started to drain its battery faster and it started to heat up very fast.

So hope you have understood everything about the 5G network. The 5G network in India would be finally deployed by the end of the year 2022 and hopefully, we will get the amazing technology in our hands.


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