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Why Everyone is Talking About 5G?

    Why Everyone is Talking About 5G? ~Adhish Nambiar, X th , Abhinav Vidyalay Nowadays everyone is very curious as well as excited about the 5G network in India, as it is yet to launch. In this article, you will get to know everything about the 5G network. What is 5G? 5G is the next generation (5th generation) of the network after 4G. 5G not only helps to connect us to the internet, but it will also help to virtually connect many other things, like machines. 5G will offer up to 100 times faster and smoother connectivity than the previous generations’ networks. It will have faster connectivity, ultra-low   latency , and a very large amount of bandwidth. This technology can open the gateway to all the futuristic things that we used to think about, like controlling vehicles remotely, cloud gaming on mobiles, etc. How is 5G unique? Now everyone is thinking about how 5G is unique or different from all the previous generation networks. 4G provides high data speed, but it has a higher latenc

Are Self-Driving Cars Taking Over Humans?

- Arya Dharmadhikari(Std X, Abhinav Vidyalay) The 21st century has played an important role in the advancement of technologies. This development has even revolutionized the Automobile industry. We have developed from fuel-efficient vehicles to Hybrids and EVs and now we are enhancing self-driving vehicles. Tesla, Waymo, Volvo, GM, BMW, Mercedes are among the few companies that have started testing self-driving cars. The leading among them is Waymo, which has developed level 4 autonomy which we will discuss in the next section. So before reaching levels of autonomy we should understand what self-driving cars are and why we require them. What is a self-driving car? A self-driving car (also called an autonomous vehicle) is a car that is competent in driving itself without any human intervention. The car has sensors, cameras, lasers, radars, GPS, LIDAR through which the Artificial Intelligence senses the surrounding environment, this helps the car to navigate on its path and to detect sig

Learning Programming-Speak

Hello There Std XI (2011-12)! Here's your first assignment. You dont need VB to do it. Write the computer equivalent of the expressions shown in the picture. Is there an error in the following statement, if so, spot and rectify. -  A High Level Language is translated because it is complicated Are the following statements true or false? Explain Why. "2.7182818" is a double precision data. Is the following statement true or false? Explain Why. - A programming language translator has to be customized for the operating system Why do you need an ASCII code in computers? Why can we not define all numbers as double precision numbers? i.e. why have different numeric data types

Trapping events - IT assignment for Std XI

Perform these tasks on your PC and give yor answers as comments to this post or as an email to my ID - . What is the sequence for the events given below and when do they occur for the given object? a) Textbox - Change, KeyPress, KeyDown, Validate b) Command button - Click, GotFocus, LostFocus, KeyPress c) Combo Box - Change, Click, DblClick, DropDown, Scroll Draw an equilateral triangle (should actually look like it) whose one vertex is the point at which the user clicks on the form. Make a simple calculator which has buttons for different numbers & operations (+, -, *, /, ^) and a box to display the result of each operation as well as each number being typed.