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The Indian Teenage spy

                                                                                                                   - Anvi Patil(Xth A Abhinav Vidyalay) Art editor- Arya Palav Fact checker-Anvi Patil You must be wondering who the young Teenage Spy is, she is actually a teenage girl ,16-year-old Saraswathi Rajamani, who smuggled secrets for the Indian National Army’s intelligence wing. Saraswati Rajamani was born in Burma in 1927 ,in a family of freedom fighters Rajamani grew up in a liberal household where there were no restrictions for the girls. She was 10, when she met Mahatma Gandhi, who was visiting their home in Rangoon (present day Yangon, the capital of Burma). Gandhiji was shocked to see a 10 year's old child holding a gun,practicing shooting skills. Gandhi ji asked Rajamani why she needed a gun. She answered “To shoot down the Britishers, of course,”  “Violence is not the answer, little girl. We a

Gray money vs Dark money

There are two kinds of black money. 1. Wealth that is hidden from the tax authorities by people who work hard but find the taxation too steep. Let's call this Gray money. 2. Wealth gained illegally by means of coercion, distortion of laws, supply of illegal services, inflation of bills etc. Let's call this Dark money. While Gray money is accumulated by traders, dark money is hoarded by people who pose as traders but in reality are either crooks or politicians or the various kinds of political power brokers. While the gray money is a rejection of the legal system, dark money is a rejection of the moral system of wealth.  While Gray money is used to sustain business and is therefore a driver of economy, dark money is often public money being siphoned off to feather a few nests and thus is lost from the economy. The question arises: Are both monies equally evil? Do both deserve the same penalty?  As a common man would have, Yes! However, the same common man cries against #taxation

The Cold War Part 2

  The world comes under peace again.. ( Part 2)                                                             - Arun Iyer, IX std, Abhinav Vidyalay In this part, many cold war events take place. Some event's mistakes could have devastated the world, and some events teach us that no one can stop humans from he/she's rights. These events carve great importance in history. This part is thrilling and has lots of twists you will enjoy and gain good history knowledge . 3) The Cuban Missile Crisis(October - November 1962) The US was developing warfare technology. They built the nuclear missile which was first attacked on Hiroshima Nagasaki in WW2. On the other hand, the USSR was also developing warfare technology. The invention of the AK-47 gun and Mig - 21 was one of the greatest inventions. But, they were upset by the US nuclear technology. Then they conducted research and made their Nuclear technology. Nuclear technology was useful as well as harmful. It can destroy a whole nation.

The Cold War

  The Partition of the world. (Part1)   - Arun Iyer, IX std, Abhinav Vidyalay Are you interested in world history? Then you must know about the cold war. The war was between the USA and USSR( Currently Russia). It was a war fought for the greed of power and money. This war killed many people. The United Nations was formed to unite the world but it was yet not united. Reading this article will be like watching a series with lots of historical knowledge. What is the Cold War? The cold war was an indirect war. It was a war between two Nations the USSR AND the USA. After WW2 two countries, the USA AND USSR emerged as a superpower.  The World was in chaos to choose their superpower. Some countries support the USA and Some countries Support the USSR. It was fought between 1947 till 1991. This war was like proxy war and economic war.It was a fight between the two ideologies -Capitalism and Communism. Countries in the world backed both sides. USA(United States of America) - The USA was formed

What Is Crypto - Currency?

Riddhi Gala (Xth STD, Abhinav Vidyalay) What Is Crypto-currency ? A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is protected by encryption (plain text converted into unreadable text), making fraud and double-spending almost impossible. Many cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to create distributed networks. This means that all your money is in different places and no one can trace it. Terrorists and criminals benefit from the possibility to keep crypto-currency without revealing their actual identities. People can also misuse it to store illegal money. Cryptocurrencies are online payment systems that are based on virtual "tokens" that are represented by records on the system's internal database. Various encryption methods that are converting a particular piece of information in a secret code to hide the meaning of information and cryptographic approaches public-private key pairs (it is for receiving crypto-currencies which are linked to a private key ), an