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The Cold War


The Partition of the world. (Part1)

 - Arun Iyer, IX std, Abhinav Vidyalay

Are you interested in world history? Then you must know about the cold war. The war was between the USA and USSR( Currently Russia). It was a war fought for the greed of power and money. This war killed many people. The United Nations was formed to unite the world but it was yet not united. Reading this article will be like watching a series with lots of historical knowledge.

What is the Cold War?

The cold war was an indirect war. It was a war between two Nations the USSR AND the USA. After WW2 two countries, the USA AND USSR emerged as a superpower. 

The World was in chaos to choose their superpower. Some countries support the USA and Some countries Support the USSR. It was fought between 1947 till 1991. This war was like proxy war and economic war.It was a fight between the two ideologies -Capitalism and Communism. Countries in the world backed both sides.

USA(United States of America) - The USA was formed on July 4 1776 as a Democratic republic nation. The USA has a capitalist economy and has the US dollar as currency. The UK, France, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada, West Germany, etc supported the USA. The USA alliance in Europe was called NATO(North Atlantic treaty Organization).

USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics )- Ussr also called the Soviet Union. The USSR was formed on December 30 1922 as a Dictatorship Communist nation. It had a socialist economy and had the Soviet Ruble as currency. China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Angola, East Germany, etc Supported the USSR.

The Third alliance - Third was formed by India by the Non-Alignment Movement. In this movement, countries that are part of this will not take part in the Cold War. This movement was formed by Former Prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. India, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, etc were part of this movement. 

Several events took place in this cold war. Some of the remarkable events are -
  1. Allied Nations Occupation of Germany After WW2

  2. Korean War

  3. Cuban missile crisis

  4. Fall of East Germany 

  5. Collapse of USSR 

1)Allied Nations Possession of Germany After WW2

After WW2 Allied nations discussed the future of Germany. The USSR had control over Poland which made many issues in Europe Joseph Stalin the president of the USSR agreed with USA president Franklin D Roosevelt and UK prime minister Winston Churchill of dividing Europe. But later Prime minister of the UK Clement Atlee and Harry Truman, President of the USA, approved the proposal of the USSR, and Germany was split into four Parts. USA got the southern part of Germany, France southwestern, UK Northern part and USSR Northeast Part. Poland was controlled by the USSR. 23 May 1949. The USA, France, and UK parts of Germany formed West Germany, FRG( the Federal Republic of Germany) Which was a free and democratic nation. On the other hand, the USSR formed East Germany, GDR( the German Democratic Republic Which was a dictatorship communist country and dummy country controlled by the USSR. As Berlin is the capital of Germany It was also Split into four parts as the whole of Germany. It was the beginning of the Cold War.

2)Korean War

The Korean war was fought between North Korea led by Kim Il-sung and South Korea by Syngman Rhee From 1950 to 1953. This war was between a communist ideology and democracy. The North Korean army pushed back South Korea which was supported by China. Seeing this, the US government took the initiative to support South Korea. The war went into bloodshed and many people died. North Korean refugees were migrating to South Korea. The UN and USSR also participated in the war. The war was not in a conclusion then the United Nations took initiative and divided Korea equally into two parts North Korea and South Korea. The treaty was signed and North Korea became a Communist country and South Korea a Democratic country. Today many South Korean artists such as BTS and Blackpink are worldwide famous and South Korea is a developed country. North Korean people are being brainwashed and are suffering from the dictatorship government and North Korea is rated as the worst country.


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Very well drafted article..
It should be USSR and other country
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More thinking about world,should become powerful leader. Congratulations your post Arun
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Wonderful. Marvelous. Great.

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