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  -Durva Waykole (std. X Abhinav Vidyalay) The beginning of the digital era has opened up a lot of opportunities nowadays. We can do mobile banking, online shopping, booking a hotel room, ordering some dinner, booking a cab, reading news, and books everything in just one click, but it has been rightly said that everything has a price, and the more you connect to digital assets the more is the chance of high risk towards your confidential and sensitive data. Now the question arises how the companies are securing this data and how they are protecting the data from this cyberattack? The answer is cyber security. What is Cybersecurity? Cyber security is the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect systems, networks, and programs from unauthorized access which means from small or big cyberattacks or cyber threats, therefore, protecting the organization and individuals. There are various types of cyber-attacks that you can fall prey to, such as Phishing attacks , Ma


  By Toral Parasiya [Xth Abhinav Vidyalay] Pc- Brian Koberlein What is Astronomy? It is a study of the matter outside our Earth’s surface and atmosphere such as planets, stars, comets, galaxies, black holes, etc. It is one of the oldest branches of sciences. It tries to find the answer to our existence in this universe.It is based on proven theories and not on any beliefs or assumptions. Importance of Astronomy It is used to measure the time, navigate the oceans and mark the seasons. Inventions in astronomy have made possible mobile technology, internet, weather systems, etc possible. To answer the big questions like “How was the universe created?”, “Where do we come from?”, etc. To know about the celestial dangers which can destroy humanity on Earth. Why I like Astronomy I still remember I was in 3rd std when we had our first chapter related to astronomy in science textbook which was ‘Our Solar System’, I already loved science as a subject so before the teacher started teaching the t

7 Mind-Blowing Inventions!

  - Hemal Dedhia and Neel Patil (IX, Abhinav Vidyalay) Are you curious and excited to know about some amazing recent inventions that really catch the eye? Read the below article to unveil it all yourself!   Floating Desk Lamp The first invention on the list is the floating desk lamp , which floats above the surface and still, keeps glowing. Now let’s talk about how it works. There is a wireless power transmitter inside the base on which the bulb floats, and a power receiver is placed in the bulb, so this is how it gets power. Now the point is that how it floats, it floats because of magnetic force which is produced by a magnet in the wood base. You can buy it from here .          Image credits- Flyte 2. Edible Water The next invention on the list is Edible water. Nowadays, the use of plastic bottles has increased too much which causes an increase in the level of pollution . But you all would have been scratching your heads to find its solution. The invention shown in the ima