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Std X - CA Projects - 2014-15

Hello guys!  Here are your projects for the board exams in CA for the year 2014-15. Each project must be  User-friendly (proper prompts and announcements to the user and good error-handling) Reader-friendly (documentation in code about what each class, method, data member is for or does) Generic (should apply to as many cases within the problem as possible, in other words assume the least) Object-Oriented (instead of making one long class, make many classes to properly hide data and keep things simple) It must be compiled as an app (albeit CUI-based) to run on any windows system. Different compiles may be needed for 32-bit and 64-bit systems.  You can team up in numbers up to 3 for each project, singles are also allowed. You get a week from this announcement to submit the source code and its compiled object code in a zip file (which includes any special libraries you may have created / used) as an email to me.  A. Spy Messenger - This app should be able to encode and decode messages u

Learning Programming-Speak

Hello There Std XI (2011-12)! Here's your first assignment. You dont need VB to do it. Write the computer equivalent of the expressions shown in the picture. Is there an error in the following statement, if so, spot and rectify. -  A High Level Language is translated because it is complicated Are the following statements true or false? Explain Why. "2.7182818" is a double precision data. Is the following statement true or false? Explain Why. - A programming language translator has to be customized for the operating system Why do you need an ASCII code in computers? Why can we not define all numbers as double precision numbers? i.e. why have different numeric data types

Trapping events - IT assignment for Std XI

Perform these tasks on your PC and give yor answers as comments to this post or as an email to my ID - . What is the sequence for the events given below and when do they occur for the given object? a) Textbox - Change, KeyPress, KeyDown, Validate b) Command button - Click, GotFocus, LostFocus, KeyPress c) Combo Box - Change, Click, DblClick, DropDown, Scroll Draw an equilateral triangle (should actually look like it) whose one vertex is the point at which the user clicks on the form. Make a simple calculator which has buttons for different numbers & operations (+, -, *, /, ^) and a box to display the result of each operation as well as each number being typed.