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Vibrant Gujarat

Toral Parasiya, [Xth std,Abhinav Vidyalay]

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  Gujarat, with its multi-hued cultural, geographic and historical extravaganza, is a traveler's delight. It has something for everyone. In the coming few minutes you will be reading some of the great places to visit in Gujarat and why to visit them.

Archaeological Marvels

There are some great historical sites to visit in Gujarat. Let's take a look at them.

 Lakhota Palace and Museum: This beautiful palace is located in Jamnagar, it is surrounded by placid waters of Lakhota lake. It was ordered to be built by the rulers of Nawanagar. Designed as fort it could be well defended, soldiers were posted around it to fend off the enemy attack. In the present time this palace/museum has artefacts from the 9th to the 18th century including pottery from nearby villages and the skeleton of a whale.

   The fort is connected to the banks by causeways. The lake itself is one lively Chowpatty with chai, kulfi and chaat stalls for foodies and there are boating facilities too. Bird watchers will be delighted to see nearly 75 species of birds, the scenery from the causeway is very splendid. The architecture of this palace is very beautiful, it has some wonderful antiques in it and some artefacts describing the life of the people around the region who lived there during the 18th century. This palace/museum is now one of the most important attractions of Jamnagar.

Heritage Walks

Heritage Walk is the best 
destination to visit if you want to know more about Gujarat’s rich culture. There are two guided heritage walks around the old city of Ahmedabad. The old city hums with life, people sitting out on the doorsteps telling their daily chores, bazaars bustling Pc- Tripoto stories as they go about their with sellers demanding high prices and buyers bargaining hard for a low one, very delicious street food carts and along with everything else, god's offering divine blessings as if to reaffirm that all is right in this world. A guided heritage walk is offered by the municipal corporation. By this walk you’ll get to know more about the culture of Gujarat, in what way the people here dress, what food they prefer, how the houses were built, in what way they talk, etc. Overall it's a very fun place to visit. You'll see different temples, get to visit chowks, some ancient buildings, etc; you should definitely visit this place.


   There are many National Parks and Sanctuaries which you can visit in Gujarat. Let's take a look at some. Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary represents one of the largest seasonal saline wetland areas having water depth between 0.5-1.5 metres, Pc- Alrasub Pc- Tiger reserves in India which is a bit deep. This sanctuary is situated in the Great Rann of Kutch. Pc- Pinterest Pc- Critter facts
   The sanctuary has a wide variety of water birds and a bewildering range of wildlife. There are also some fossils of dinosaurs, vertebrates, invertebrates and plants found here. The world famous 'Flamingo City' is located here at the Rann, so you can find some glances of beautiful flamingos here. Many harmless spiny tailed lizards, Chinkara, fox, hyena and nilgai are also in abundance. Apart from these animals and migratory birds including raptors, the Houbara bustard is also seen here. It feels very amazing to see such a wide variety of animals,birds and reptiles here at one place. You must visit this place. You can probably find some glances of these animals here and enjoy them.
Marine National Park            

This National Park is located in the Gulf of Kutch, Jamnagar. It includes some of the richest diversity of marine habitats in the country, including saline grasslands, marshy areas, rocky

shores, coral reefs and mangroves. There are 42 island here surrounded by reefs. If you come
during winters, you could see thousands of migratory birds forming a V in the beautiful sky. There are 52 coral species here; each and every species is unique and beautiful in its own way. The beaches of Gujarat coast are breeding grounds for Green Sea Turtle and other marine turtles. You can see 7 species of mangroves, more than 40 species of sponges, variously colored starfish, sea cucumber, puffer fish, dolphins, lichen, jellyfish, mollusks, sea-slugs, sea urchins, echinoderms, crabs, etc. You should visit this place at least once. The view of the sky meeting the sea is just spectacular and the feeling when you watch the marine life in front of your eyes is just wonderful.


Apart from all these places there is one more thing that attracts the traveller to visit Gujarat and that is its culture. Their food, festivals, way of living, dressing etc. Some of their famous foods are khaman dhokla, jalebi, fafda made up of gram flour and served hot with chillies and jalebi, muthiya, thepla, farsan, undhiyu made of various vegetables and spices such as brinjal, potato, carrot,peas,etc it is specially made in winters to provide heat in the body. You can find a variety of food here with very delicious taste.

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Festivals such as Navratri, Uttarayan, Janmashtami, etc  are celebrated very largely in the whole state. Navratri is the most celebrated festival of Gujarat, in this festival people gather at a place to worship goddess Amba and then play garba forming round circles. Spectacular decorations are made. Gujarat is a very fun place to visit, with many interesting places. And apart from these places there are many more places you can visit here. 

Thank you for reading.


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