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     - Gargi R Sawant (Std X, Abhinav Vidyalay)

Sudha Murty, a famous writer of novels, short stories and travelogues, is a prolific writer who writes in English and Kannada. She has written many best-sellers for children. Born in Shiggaon in North Karnataka, she became an engineer and later taught in an engineering college. She is an MTech in Computer Science and the co-founder of Infosys, India’s thriving tech company. She has won many awards like the Padma Shree, the RK Narayan award for Literature and so on.

I got to know this information when I started reading her books. I was in 5th grade when my mother brought me a book written by Sudha Murty named, 'GRANDMA'S BAGS OF STORIES'. When I read this book, I was totally fascinated and amazed by the stories, the storyline and also the way it was written. The simplicity in the language captivated me. In  the beginning of the book,  ajji-( grandma in marathi) is eagerly waiting for her grandchildren to arrive for their summer vacations. The grandma quickly finishes her daily chores and waits for her grandchildren to arrive. Isn’t it so relatable? It is very familiar to almost every child as he/she eagerly wants to visit his/her grandparents place and grandparents always make their arrival special. 

After reading this book I grew crazier for her books!

"THE OLD MAN AND HIS GOD" is also a marvelous example of her stories. This book is mainly about the Indian author who travelled. The first story of the book attracts us because of divine faith in God. This story begins with the author stuck in the rain. She sheltered herself at a Shiva temple. An old couple gave a towel to the author and helped her. The couple was poor so she offered them a hundred rupee note. But the blind old man denied and said," Shiva is the only Mahavaidya or great doctor. Lord Shiva will look after us and we do not need others’ money for our survival. Let us leave as we always have." This answer is expected from a wealthy man who does not need money. But this poor couple wanted to live self- sufficiently and happily.

Sudha Murty shows a simple but significant side of people which inspires me a lot.

This is a very lovable and adorable book . This is the story of a cute little puppy who is just bought by a family. The family accepts the puppy as their own and loves him. His family calls him ‘GOPI!’. The best part of the story is, this story has been expressed from a puppy's perspective. The story starts with the dog playing with his brothers, their mom licking them, all the dogs playing around. Isn’t it adorable? The satisfactory and appealing writing style catches the attention and we eventually start liking it. 

This is a wonderful book which throws light on women in Indian mythology. The author successfully explains forgotten sacrifices, strengthening and ancient stories of women in Indian mythology. The vocabulary used in expressing  piousness of every mythological woman is apt and suitable. The main causes of liking this book are catchy and apt vocabulary, introduction to new women in mythology which we may not know, along with introduction to new women this book also specifies the significance of places to which the women were related. Supposingly we all know there are goddesses like Vaishnavi, Kathyayini, Sarasvati etc. but at the end of the story the author writes that these goddesses are worshipped in west Bengal, Odisha etc. So we unknowingly get the knowledge of the places. 

Thank You For Reading!

Links for pictures:

1.Grandma’s bags of stories: 

2. The old man and his god:

3. The gopi diaries-coming home: 

4. The daughter from wishing tree:


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