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International Philosophy Olympiad 2008

Hi all, I am very happy to announce to the Abhinav family that two girls from our school represented India in the Int'l Philosophy Olympiad held at Iasi, Romania between 18th & 22nd May 2008 and that contrary to everyone's expectations, they performed exceedingly well . The overall result was that Vallari Sawant (XI, presently at St. Xavier's College) stood 14th missing the bronze medal by just 0.1 mark, and secured a Honorable Mention for her talent, while Chitra Adkar (X) secured a special award by ranking 23rd from amongst almost 60-odd students from about 24 countries. I must say that this is a incredible achievement for these girls since this is the first time India has participated in this Olympiad organized by the Federation of International Philosophical Societies which runs under the aegis of UNESCO. This was the 16th year of the Olympiad which primarily is a test of talent for high school students in the field of philosophy. What is more interesting is that t

Back to a Summer School

Hello everybody, I had promised people that I would put up the National Science Day movies & pics on the net, but since the 28th Feb celebrations, things have been running at a hectic pace. Many decisions to be taken regarding the coming academic year and the ongoing exams took all of my time. Besides I have to prepare for the next National Astronomy Olympiad scheduled to happen in May. So all you 9th & 11th Std students will have to wait a while longer... In fact some of you could help me make a proper video out of the 30-odd min film I took at the NSD. This could be a good summer activity. So here we are with the summer vacations and the Summer School 2007 . If the prospect of being at school the whole of April sounds too boring to you, do check out the plans this year . I am sure something or the other might interest you. For the uninitiated the SS 2007 is an activity where students of secondary & higher secondary participate in various research & work experience pro

Stimulus 2006 - A Festival of Learning

Hi all, Last three weeks of December were full of hectic activity, with almost all of the 1500 students of this school and about 100 students from outside and all 70-odd staff, working and enjoying what Abhinav has come to learn as Stimulus. It is the joy of playing games – old and traditional as well as new and exciting. It is the confidence that you are capable of learning something new and putting it across to any person – old or young, learned or simple. It is the feeling of nostalgia which sets in when you see all your friends and colleagues merrily working together unmindful of any tensions – hunger or thirst, studies or exams, success or failure … It is the satisfaction of having done things well and having got a pat-on-the-back for it. It is the pride of having done things differently and having explored your creativity. It is the awareness of the world around you in more ways than one. It is learning that you are able to think, able to act and thus able to live a happy &

Your World ... An Astronomical Insight

Shruti Iyer (Std X) & Chitra Adkar (Std IX) How will our universe end? Why can’t we communicate with our fellow extraterrestrials if a Hritik Roshan can befriend Jadoo in Koi Mil Gaya? Our textbooks fabulously elaborate on the enormity of our universe yet such questions remain unanswered. I wish I could wind back time and take you to the Abhinav premises in the first week of November and you would have seen 8, tired, weary faces, dripping with perspiration, yet displaying the vigour to answer such questions with graphs, equations and logical explanation . These 8 faces belonged to some of the most adorable places of India like Mumbai, Bhubaneshwar, Pune Delhi, Allahbad etc. and were representing India in the 11th international astronomy Olympiads which was hosted this year by leading scientific institutions like BARC, TIFR and HBCSE wherein more than 20 countries had been participating. The jury for the Indian team was Mr. Kedar Soni (Astronomer and Director of Abhinav Vidyalay an