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                                                      Sindhudurg                                                                  ~Arya palav ( Xth Abhinav Vidyalay)                                                                    I am going to share my experience of my native place Sindhudurg. So it is a district of Maharashtra, located at the south end and covered by water from one side. It is almost 500km away from Mumbai. Some basic information about the district is, it was established on 1 May 1981 from the original district of Ratnagiri. This district is named after the fort Sindhudurg which was built by Shivaji Maharaj. When this district was established there were mainly six talukas which were   Kudal, Vengurla, Sawantwadi, Malvan, Kankavli & Devgad later two more talukas were added  Vaibhavwadi and Dodamarg. This district is famous for its beaches, historical temples, exotic seafood, and the most popular variety of mango. So here are some of the most famous cuisines of

Places to visit in Kolkata

                                                                                                      -By Gayatri bank, X Abhinav Vidyalay   Dakshineswar Kali Mandir Dakshineswar Kali Mandir is a Hindu nine towers temple located at Dakshineswar Kolkata, West Bengal situated at the eastern bank of the Hooghly river. The Temple was built by Rani Rashmoni, a  bhakt of Kali and a helper who seeks to promote the welfare of others. She was a very kind woman and people used to say that Rashmoni was the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi on the Earth. Rani Rashmoni was strongly opposed to a ritual called Sati, she was a supporter of Raja Ram Mohan Roy for abolishing the Sati, and also she supported Girl education. How This Mandir Has Been Found? : In the year 1847, Rashmoni prepared to go upon a long pilgrimage to the sacred Hindu city of Kashi to express her devotion to the Divine Mother. According to traditional accounts, the night before the pilgrimage began, Rashmoni had a dream of the Divine Mo