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The Game of Minds and Pieces

                                                                                                        –Neel Jadhav(IXth B, Abhinav Vidyalay) What comes to your mind when you think about chess? People moving pieces from one square to the other? People staring aimlessly at the board?  The chess we play today is a successor of the old game chaturanga played in India. The 16th century saw the frequent evolutions of this game. In 1749CE Francios-Andre Philidor wrote a book titled Analyse du jeu des ├ęchecs, in which he covered new opening ideas and a defense that exists till today! The Philidor defense was used famously in pawn and rook endgames. He also wrote a quote” The pawns are the soul of chess” in this book. Chess became popular in the 19 th and 20 th centuries. Famous grandmasters Garry Kasparov(Russia), Anatoly Karpov(Russia),  Vishwanathan Anand(India), Bobby Fischer(America), Jose Capablanca(Cuban),Mikhail Tal (Soviet Lativian ) were in this legendary era .                 

The World T20 Cricket

The World T20 Cricket -Written by- Harsh M (Xth A, Abhinav Vidyalaya) Edited by Harsh M, Soham P Fact checked by Navneet Iyer The origin of the T20 was from an idea given by Stuart Robertson a member of the English Cricket Board (ECB). Before that, there were only tests and fifty over format cricket matches which made the audience bored of it. The English cricket board were having a shortage of sponsorships so that's why T20 cricket was helpful in boosting the popularity of the sport and sponsorships too. It was first played in an English county. Now I am going to tell you about the first official T20 cricket match that took place. The first official T20 match was played on 13 June 2003 between the English counties which was a successful start to T20 matches in cricket. This success led to the start of T20 internationals which was a friendly exhibition match. The match was between Australia and New Zealand on 17 Feb 2005. This match was won by Australia. After two years ICC(Inte

Indian Swimmers At Tokyo Olympics 2021

  Indian Swimmers At Tokyo Olympics 2021  Written by Shamli S Pardeshi (Std. X Abhinav Vidyalay) Edited by Harsh M Fact checked by Harsh M                                                                                             India won 7 medals in Tokyo Olympics 2021. There were a lot of participants who qualified for the Olympics but couldn't win the medal. Indian swimmers who qualified for the Olympics were Srihari Nataraj,  Sajan Prakash and Maana Patel, respectively.  Sajan Prakash , a 27-year-old swimmer from Kerala represented India at the Tokyo Olympics 2021 as well as Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Sajan Prakash is an inspector in Kerala Police. He is training under the guidance of S. Pradeep Kumar. He had a neck injury and was struck in Thailand during the pandemic. He is the first Indian swimmer to break the Olympic “A” qualification mark. He qualified in the men's 200m freestyle, 100m and 200m butterfly stroke. Sajan Prakash finished 2nd in his heat with the timing o

Adventure Sports - A culmination of the Sports Meet

Hello Dear Students & Parents!!! Last three weeks have been very busy, beginning with the Abhinav Stars and running into the camp and the sports meet. The last activity for the year (only National Science Day scheduled in Feb if the exam timetables permit) is coming to a close. We have been holding the  adventure sports each year for the last 25 years , with the last 15 years being done with professional help. Each student who has passed out of this school from std X or XII has (at least twice) did the variety of activities. The purpose of these events is simply -  Make one extremely confident .  Fear pulls you back from many things in life and the greatest fear is to hurt yourself or die. These activities make you realize that with a little science and technique one can achieve the impossible. Every one must do this at least once in their lifetime. We even encourage each of our teachers to do it. In fact even 50+ teachers have tried it for the first time in their lives at Abhinav.

Stimulus 2006 - A Festival of Learning

Hi all, Last three weeks of December were full of hectic activity, with almost all of the 1500 students of this school and about 100 students from outside and all 70-odd staff, working and enjoying what Abhinav has come to learn as Stimulus. It is the joy of playing games – old and traditional as well as new and exciting. It is the confidence that you are capable of learning something new and putting it across to any person – old or young, learned or simple. It is the feeling of nostalgia which sets in when you see all your friends and colleagues merrily working together unmindful of any tensions – hunger or thirst, studies or exams, success or failure … It is the satisfaction of having done things well and having got a pat-on-the-back for it. It is the pride of having done things differently and having explored your creativity. It is the awareness of the world around you in more ways than one. It is learning that you are able to think, able to act and thus able to live a happy &