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Gray money vs Dark money

There are two kinds of black money. 1. Wealth that is hidden from the tax authorities by people who work hard but find the taxation too steep. Let's call this Gray money. 2. Wealth gained illegally by means of coercion, distortion of laws, supply of illegal services, inflation of bills etc. Let's call this Dark money. While Gray money is accumulated by traders, dark money is hoarded by people who pose as traders but in reality are either crooks or politicians or the various kinds of political power brokers. While the gray money is a rejection of the legal system, dark money is a rejection of the moral system of wealth.  While Gray money is used to sustain business and is therefore a driver of economy, dark money is often public money being siphoned off to feather a few nests and thus is lost from the economy. The question arises: Are both monies equally evil? Do both deserve the same penalty?  As a common man would have, Yes! However, the same common man cries against #taxation

MSP - Minimum Support Price

                                                                                                  -   Diya Mulik (std. X Abhinav Vidyalay)     In 1960 Minimum support price was introduced by our Government because Indians faced many problems of food storage due to there being a drought for multiple years. This policy was very helpful for our farmers, this policy was designed to maintain stocks of food, and the government also provided price support to our farmers. The MSP was made for various commodities and the rates of grain were also turned into a minimum price for those who cannot afford it.   In our agriculture price policy when the MSP was declared for the first time from various objectives, one of them was Minimum support price which became an important function of our agriculture price policy. The objective of the minimum support price is to ensure the price of farmers who grew the crops and give higher investment and production. The objective of MSP is also to bring suf

What Is Crypto - Currency?

Riddhi Gala (Xth STD, Abhinav Vidyalay) What Is Crypto-currency ? A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is protected by encryption (plain text converted into unreadable text), making fraud and double-spending almost impossible. Many cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to create distributed networks. This means that all your money is in different places and no one can trace it. Terrorists and criminals benefit from the possibility to keep crypto-currency without revealing their actual identities. People can also misuse it to store illegal money. Cryptocurrencies are online payment systems that are based on virtual "tokens" that are represented by records on the system's internal database. Various encryption methods that are converting a particular piece of information in a secret code to hide the meaning of information and cryptographic approaches public-private key pairs (it is for receiving crypto-currencies which are linked to a private key ), an